HackSol Networks is emerging as a leading Information Technology company. It comprises of a team of IT professionals with skills in Multi-domain areas. It has a head office in Lahore. The core competency of the company is in the field of Computer Networks; Data center and Computer Accessories. 

IT Sloutons

Network Support & Maintenance


 We can set up and maintain your business's network, or help troubleshoot and maintain your existing network.  

IT Support & Consultants


 We believe in providing support from concept to completion. Our Solutions are backed by , System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty and long term customer service relationships. 

Network Design & Deployment


With an emphasis on security and reliability, our engineers carefully work with you to design the right network configuration to enable increased innovation and capacity, combined with reduced costs and complexity.

Structured Cabling


 Although the physical layout of a network will to some extent be determined by its size and the type of networking technology chosen, the cabling system is a critical element of any network. It is generally accepted that a significant number of network failures are caused primarily by cable-related problems. Getting the cabling system right, therefore, is essential for an effective data communications system 

Network Security



One of the biggest challenges faced by IT today is “bullet-proofing” the network. As organizations embrace the latest technologies in implementing IT enabled systems, security, confidentiality and privacy concerns as well as legal and regulatory compliance are issues that need immediate action. . Architecture design flaws are almost awakening for many organizations today.  HackSol provides tailored security solutions for small to large organizations.

Data Center Services


 More times than not, today’s organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs as they align technology with strategic goals to drive better business results. How you design, deploy, and manage your server infrastructure including large, distributed deployments of Microsoft® technology incorporating Windows® Servers, Exchange messaging servers, Active Directory, and SQL Server databases will certainly impact your ability to reach your objectives